Fake Information Via Our Leaders

John Thrasher, FSU President

This honor is a painful reminder of the state's segregationist history, and it is highly offensive to many in our community, including many current FSU law students who attended a forum to formally express their objections. Moreover, the building name celebrates a man who defied the highest court of the land and does so at the very place on this campus where we teach the rule of law.

Renisha Gibbs, FSU Advisory Panel Chair

 It cannot be said that violating an order in open defiance of the United States Supreme Court exemplifies this core mission of the College of Law. It is even more significant that years later, the Florida Supreme Court felt compelled to issue a formal apology for Justice Robert’s actions relating to the Virgil Hawkins case, something it has never done before or since then.

Erin O'Connor, FSU Law Dean

A College of Law alumnus has created a website advocating for the removal of BK Roberts' name on the Hall: https://www.renamebkrobertshallnow.org/.
This website provides information on BK Roberts and his controversial Florida Supreme Court opinions.